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When it comes to money, the purchase of a home will probably be the most expensive decision you will ever make, whether you're buying a fixer-upper piece of real estate or a luxurious condo. There are those who say that buying a home is an investment, and they are partially right, but it is important to remember that every investment carries with it a certain degree of risk. For the first time homebuyer, a lot of that risk, as well as the potential return on your investment, will be tied up in your mortgage.

Mortgages are inevitable for ninety percent of the population. Most people just do not have the ready cash to buy a home, for example, outright, and thus they must look to a financial institution to loan them some money to cover the costs of a home purchase. The problem is, these loans are fraught with difficult to understand terms and conditions. Moreover, there are several different types of mortgage to pick from, each with contingent impact on your long term payments.

Everyone wants to make sure that they get the best deal in a mortgage and that that deal comes together as smoothly as possible. In other sections of the site, we explore the meaning of mortgages, the types of mortgage, and so on; in this section, we will take a look at how to make a mortgage work for you most effectively.

As a first time mortgage applicant, odds are that you are feeling a little bit baffled by all the new information you have been receiving. You might be having trouble understanding exactly what you are getting into, let alone knowing what kind of adjustments you can make both now and in the future that will save you money on this big purchase.

Well, those adjustments are what this section is for. There are several ways in which you can plan for long term advantages within your mortgages, from paying less money to decreasing the amount of interest the financial institutions gain from you in the long run. There are literally hundreds of ways of getting you into that condo or home. This section will explore as many of those ways as possible, in the form of tips.

In this section, we will also take a look at information that could possibly have been included in one of our other pages, but where not enough there for a whole article. That, of course, is the nature of the tip; a quick fact that can help out. Moreover, the tips we include in this section probably don't fit in our other areas, which tend to be more about the nuts and bolts of mortgage features rather than ways in which you can save money in the long run. This section might have some tips you'll here at the bank or from your Toronto estate agent, but wouldn't it be nice to have an extra resource?

What we want you to take from this section of our site is that there are ways that a smart mortgage shopper can make the terms of this large loan work more in your favour. You will always end up paying extra money for your house when you take out a mortgage; that is inevitable. However, using helpful information you can decrease the amount of money you pay

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