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One of the most exciting things about buying a new condo is the fact that you get to start over from scratch with the decorating if you so choose. People who are just getting their first place on their own or starting over after a breakup have no choice but to start all over again. Home furnishings are what you'll need to start with, after all, you can't sleep on a table lamp or eat breakfast on a Salvador Dali reproduction. Here are some tips on furnishing your new place.

Choosing a Style

Some of you out there were probably thinking of the decorating style you would use back when you were first choosing a set of home plans, but for others figuring out what they want their new place to look like is a struggle. Have a look at some home decorating magazines, visit the display areas of furniture stores, and flip on HGTV to get ideas on the types of styles that are out there. You can copy one wholesale, alter it to suit you, or even make one up from scratch.

Where to Buy

Most of us have a big box mall near our homes so the most obvious place to buy furniture would be the retail outlets like IKEA, Home Sense, Winners, and the Brick. However, these aren't your only options. Many specialty furniture makers allow you to shop online or from a catalog, while second hand and specialty shops in your neighborhood can be treasure troves of unique pieces with affordable price tags. So shop around.

Creating Your Own

What if you had your heart set on an safari themed living room in your new home, but you can't find the zebra print sofa you want? Should you settle for something plainer? You could, but why not create your own look by using slip covers? Simply shop for an item the right size, shape, comfort level, and price, then visit a fabric store for the perfect print. You can sew them yourself or take the measurements to a professional.

Money Saving Tips

If you've ended up getting your own real estate because of a divorce, a job loss, or a deal gone bad, you probably don't have enough cash to furnish your whole place at once. But that doesn't mean you can't have it decorated the way you like. To save money, shop second hand and buy piecemeal as you can afford it until your place is fully outfitted.

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