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There are so many people who come to the big city to find their place in the world and pursue their passions. You, for example, might have spent years wanting to be a fashion designer or admiring. Toronto is a Mecca in Canada for all kinds of different industries. Not only is this where you will find the Toronto Stock Exchange, but this city also has the third largest English speaking theatre community in the world. It is a place where people come to study at one of the country's best universities and where others are able to work in art galleries and museums. If you're looking for the perfect job, Toronto might be the place to find it.

There are currently about 2.6 million people living in Toronto, which makes it the fifth largest city in North America. There are about another three million people living in the surrounding area, known as the Greater Toronto Area. Because you will find millions of people living from Cabbagetown to Etobicoke, you will also find that there is every service that you could possibly want available to you here. There are all kinds of people who are creating businesses and finding their place within the economy.

The Financial District is located on Bay Street and here you will find the national headquarters to all of the top five banks in Canada. This city is also a centre for media, telecommunications and information technology. The growing film and television industry in the city has opened up opportunities for anyone who sees themselves as an actor to those who want to help people get an awesome job or home. Toronto is home to the headquarters of companies like Rogers Communications, Bell Media, and Torstar.

While you will not find a lot of manufacturing and distribution within the city limits of Toronto, there is a lot in the surrounding communities. Toronto has a great location in the middle of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor, where one third of the population of Canada lives. You will also find all of the services here that are needed to support a population this big. If you're interested in being a dentist, a cab driver or want to open your own clothing store then you will find that your customer base and competition are both quite large. This is certainly a city where anyone can live out their dreams and ambitions. It is also a great place for those that are still figuring things out. You might choose to go back to school or could be scouted by one of the firms Toronto has and offered a six figure position and corner office at one of the country's biggest companies.

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