Explaining Mortgages

So, you're ready to do it. You have the money saved for a down payment and you're looking at home listings and real estate ideas. Now, you just have to secure a mortgage. There is no doubt about it, applying for your first mortgage can be an incredibly intimidating experience. There are just so many different details that are explored in the process, and without the proper education many of us feel like we get left behind. Unfortunately, what most of us lack is the time to gain the education that can provide a fundamental understanding of just what we are getting into when it comes to our mortgages.

That is what this section of our site is all about; explaining mortgages in all their glory in basic terms that are easy to understand, whether your someone who works as a teacher or works in a factory. Let's face it; when you are in a meeting with a mortgage broker or your bank's chief lender, there will come a point where you hit a wall; you may find yourself nodding when asked if you understand a certain term or statement when you really don't. It's a very common thing to happen; odds are you have already asked for several details to be explained and are beginning to feel a little bit ludicrous.

What you need is some space, where you can look at mortgages explained in their most basic sense and where you can do so at your own pace. That's what we are here for. In this section, you will find mortgages stripped apart and broken down, and we won't be stopping mid-sentence to ask you if you understand what we just said. Feeling glazed over? Well, there is no pressure to keep reading; go ahead and have a coffee, a run, or go chat with a friend, this information will all be here when you get back. Shopping for your first home, maybe a new condo, should be exciting more than scary and stressful.

That is, of course, the beauty of the Internet; there isn't the same amount of pressure as there would be when talking face to face with an individual who is "on the clock" while you're trying to get funding for one of the new properties. Another great thing is that you have access to a free flow of questions and ideas that might not be explored in a face-to-face meeting. When you read about the terms in a mortgage, it might lead to questions about practical applications; on this site, you can follow your train of thought and still get right back to the starting point.

Be assured, this section of the site will explain mortgages in every sense of the term. As we mentioned above, starting out understanding the basic terminology used in mortgages can be very difficult (monthly, semi-monthly, bi-monthly; they don't mean quite the same thing as they would in real life!) to get a grip on. We will have articles on terms and words used. But we will go a step further; we will explain how those terms directly relate to your output, as far as the price you pay on your new home. In other words, we will take the mortgage and break down the various parts in easy to understand language in a pressure-free environment, and then use that explanation to provide the backdrop for some real life scenarios. All in all, it will give you a good idea of how a mortgage will affect your life.

When it comes to mortgages, people naturally have a lot of questions. Perhaps the current crisis in the States has served to bring even more questions to the forefront, and we are here to help explain the answers to those questions to you and get you prepared to meet with an estate agent in Canada sooner.

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